Marcy Assistant Winemaker

Assistant Winemaker, Marcy Webb

Marcy Webb – Assistant Winemaker

“I was fascinated with how science played such a critical role in turning grapes into wine and the control you had over the process.”

Like Bruce, Marcy Webb has a passion for science, learned from her scientist parents. She studied neuroscience at Oberlin College, pursued a career in public health, and happily settled down to attaining a Master’s of Public Health at UC Berkeley. Until, that is, she met her wine-loving husband Matt.

When Matt and Marcy moved to Davis, so he could get a Master’s Degree in Viticulture Enology, Marcy became the “lab rat” as a support for the research of the viticulture graduate students. To her husbands joy and her surprise, she fell in love with wine making. At Ballentine Vineyards, Marcy helps ensure that our estate grown Napa Valley wine is the best it can be.

As the resident scientist and assistant winemaker, she makes sure every step of the process is measured and taken at exactly the right time — from picking the grapes throughout fermenting to assuring the best outcome, for each harvest, and/or every wine.

When not working side by side with Bruce and team, Marcy is out foraging for mushrooms, camping and engaging in all things “life” with her husband and daughter.