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  • Vintage Ballentine Photos

    Vintage Ballentine Photos

    Our roots run deep beneath the soils of Napa Valley where we continue to farm our 100+ year old estate vineyards and produce wonderful wines that are true expressions of the terroir. We are one of the few old, small family wineries in Napa Valley.  We hope you enjoy these vintage photos.

    Award-winning Zinfandel from the 40s

    John made one of the first Cabernet’s in Napa Valley in the mid 1930’s

    Libero Pocai driving the horses and cart. He worked the vineyards in 1906 with horses.

    Winery Bond No. 115 was issued to Libero Pocai, Betty’s Grandfather in 1912

    The Pocais in their vineyard.

    Betty in High School

    Van in HighSchool

    Wedding in 1953

  • Bringing in the Harvest

    Bringing in the Harvest

    A few Notes from Bruce

    It’s been a very successful harvest and 95% of the grapes will be picked by the end of next week.  And a crazy week, it will be with 14 lots on the board scheduled to be picked mostly in Fig Tree Vineyard. The quality of grapes has been very good. 2016 should provide you with our full spectrum of excellent wines.

    Even when the grapes are all picked, there is plenty to do and see!

    Is it time? Checking the grapes for harvest.

    Harvest begins — headed for the cellar.

    Cabernet grapes arrive from the vineyards-ready for sorting.

    Ready for winemaking.

    Discussing fermentation as the grapes come fresh from harvest.

    Getting ready for the grapes to arrive from the vineyards.

    Eric separating stems from grapes.

    Sorting stems and grapes as harvest begins

    Checking brix and temperature.

    Grape stomp.

    Getting ready for the grapes to arrive from the vineyards

  • Ballentine Around the World Photo Contest

    Ballentine Around the World Photo Contest

    Join us through the end of November for our Ballentine Around the World Contest. You probably won’t drive a tractor for your trip, but who doesn’t like to travel with their favorite wines!! Any travel counts, from a staycation in your backyard to that bucket list trip to Bali! Upload a photo of your adventure enjoying that Ballentine Wine you packed for this special moment.

    For more information…

    We took our Reserve Chardonnay to Sri Lanka with us. We had it on the last night of our 8-day trip. It's one of our Favorites! #ballentineworld @ballentinevineyards

    What goes great with cabfranc? ANYTHING!!!

    The real B & B, Ballentine on the boat!

    Relaxing with Ballentine

    Petit Verdot, pizza, and Phelps!

    One of my favorite wines! Zinfandel, it's delicious!

    It's always a happy Friday when Ballentine wine arrives!

    Enjoying some Petit Verdot and watching the action from rio!

    Barrel tasting at Ballentine Vineyards. Incredible looking for breakfast cabernet!

    Anticipation but well worth the wait!

    Anticipation but well worth the wait!

    Anticipation but well worth the wait!

    Traveling to Ballentine

    I might have a problem!! STORAGE problem. What do you do when 3 cases arrive and your cellar is full.

    What a fabulous #Color!!! It's delicious too!!

    A glass a day....

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